Desperate EU chiefs are helping Remoaners try to cheat us out of Brexit

Academic A C Grayling admits that it is a matter of life and death for EU chiefs to cheat us back into the EU so they are helping whimpering Remoaners to subvert Brexit.   They spout the usual guff – we are very very much missed, there are people who are desperate to unite again in blissful harmony back in the EU with our necks firmly under the boots of EU chiefs  – are we are supposed to fall for this drivel? Guy Verhofstadt and Michel Barnier are colluding with Remoaners, who are snivelling because the Remoan vote has sunk from 48% to 22%.  EU chiefs have been so abusive and vile to us, their behaviour is bound to have been a major factor.

Remoaners were on twitter this afternoon, trying to kid Leavers that we never lost democracy and our freedoms under the EU!  Blah blah blah.  We only have a veto over 20% of EU principles!  So called “joint” decisions have to benefit equally 28 members, a ridiculous impossibility.  Nanny EU controls its members utterly and never stops interfering. The wacko boffin, Mr. Deluded, emoted:  “What one learns is that the EU very much wants the UK to stay. The UK’s membership is tremendously valued.”  Really?  Why then all the bullying, threats and deeply unpleasant abuse?

Let’s talk turkey pal!  The only thing that will be deeply deeply missed is the dosh we provided to shore up an org in which the members were the patsys and a small group of bullies ruled the roost.  Now the EU is panicking because they have done the maths. Save the flowery sentiments, Verhofstadt,  Grayling,  Barnier and Macron.  We are off  and the champagne will be flowing the day we actually leave.

We want out.  I can’t get away fast enough.  Only masochists would have enjoyed the past 4o years,  we were lied to, , bossed about, deceived and our rights eroded.

Do they really think they are a good deal?  They have to threaten  people to stay! Are you all mad?  You had your chance and you blew it.

2 responses to “Desperate EU chiefs are helping Remoaners try to cheat us out of Brexit

  1. They are on twitter every day now like ants. Good thing is they are not terribly smart, not a decent argument amongst them.

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