Sadiq Khan could pull Uber’s licence right here, right now, if he wanted to!

During his Mayoral campaign, Sadiq Khan, then one of Labour’s candidates for London mayor, said he would suspend Uber immediately if it emerged just a single driver did not hold genuine paperwork or was not properly insured.  Desperate to be Mayor, Sadiq talked tough!  He,  Sadiq, would protect black cab drivers and kick Uber out of the capital if they put one foot out of line!Straight talking black cab drivers were about to get a painful and entirely undeserved lesson in politics.  Far from being their White Knight, Sadiq has proved to be five and a half  feet of pain in the ass shoved into a 4 foot sack.

There is not a pledge made to BC drivers that remains unbroken. A black cab driver told me that TfL have had staff around Waterloo Station for months, driving off Uber drivers soliciting for work.  Why don’t they hoik some of them into custody to beef up the court case that the LTDA is bringing against one Uber driver?Uber has been engulfed by scandal not least the Cameron/Osborne handling of TfL and Uber that made them non stop hassle Boris Johnson because of his crackdown over minicabs. In the end, Osbo went to extreme lengths and took the Uber issue away from Boris through the Secretary of State, so he had a free hand to ruin London traffic whenever he fancied. Sadiq could cap minicabs if he was arsed.  The trouble is, it doesn’t suit him, so if gridlocked traffice harms the London economy, and kids die of pollution, he should cocoa.

Sadiq’s problem is he got 10/10 for talking himself up, insisting he was going to be the most business Mayor ever, but he forgot to mention, he’s useless,  isn’t trustworthy and he’s really a bit of a wimp.    He doesn’t know how to fundraise, and thereby lies the problem.  No cash.

The bottom line is Sadiq Khan has the power to deny Uber a licence, but hasn’t the balls to do it.  How much more evidence does he need?  Uber has major problems all over Europe now, including Holland, Belgium, Italy and Denmark.  He could pull their licence right here right now if he wanted to.

When Osbo became Editor of the Standard, one of the first to congratulate him was Sadiq Khan.  Well, after all, it was Cameron who handed Khan the Mayoralty. 

Standards because of Uber are sinking like a stone and frankly, the only way is down.  Black cab drivers are still hoping the feeble little boaster finally shows some balls and does whatever any decent Mayor would have done months ago, but at least BC drivers now understand, it is Sadiq Khan who has been taking them for a ride.

One response to “Sadiq Khan could pull Uber’s licence right here, right now, if he wanted to!

  1. Sadiq does what’s best for Sadiq and let the Devil take the hindmost.

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