Brand May is like an Elvis impersonator – and not very good one at that

The Tories are the only party worth voting for and they are bound to win – but Theresa May is the weakest link.  She is a hard Remoaner but has nicked Brexit’s beliefs to persuade us she is caring and for the people.  I don’t believe a word of it.

Before she became Prime Minister, Peter Oborne described May as “an empty politician without beliefs.”  He said she always put politics before principle. 

The way she handled the child abuse inquiry proved he was right.  May delayed and delayed the child abuse inquiry, until it never happened – campaigners and child abuse councillors lost faith that it ever would happen. Two members of her  panel also sent bullying, abusive letters to some alleged victims, and were ordered to stand down.

The Guardian reported:  “Lawyers for one abuse survivor have written to the home secretary to complain of a string of unsolicited communications, including an allegedly threatening email sent two days before an official meeting that both panellists and an abuse survivor were due to attend.

The victim, who is on medication for post-traumatic stress disorder, was left too anxious to attend the “listening meeting” in November. The development will be a huge embarrassment to May, who has already seen two chairs to the inquiry stand down since it was launched in July, both over conflicts of interest. A source close to the inquiry’s secretariat said the emails should not have been sent, leaving the fate of the panel members in doubt.”

You have to be completely heartless and hard as nails to find such cruel behaviour forgiveable.  Nobody capable of this should even be considered for the job of prime minister. Equally bad was the way May blocked the chance of Syrian peace talks just because she was ticked off Putin wanted to see Boris, not her.

Ordinary people aren’t stupid.  They found out the truth about Cameron and Osborne and they will find out the truth about Brand May.  Abused kids are the most vulnerable members of our society.   Their suffering can be endless, it ruins their lives, often the anguish and inability to trust are lifelong.It takes incredibly strong personalities to come through such experiences unscathed.

The Tories will rightly win the election, and I am so glad about that.  But anyone who hurts kids or abuse victims is unfit for public office.  May is the weak link, not the Tory Party.    The supreme irony is that May sacked Osborne for his cruel and callous treatment of people while all the time she was his mirror image.

One response to “Brand May is like an Elvis impersonator – and not very good one at that

  1. Boris such an outstanding politician, all the fire from Remoaners and Labour directed at him. Latest ploy to accuse him of lying. None of the opposition fears May. a) she is a Remoaner and b) she is a puppet. No possible threat at all.

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