After all black cab drivers have been through, now Sadiq Khan lets them down

Hated Uber buddy George Osborne, in the Standard,  has warm words for London Mayor Sadiq Khan.  Odd, because in the first year of his Mayoralty, Sadiq Khan has achieved practically nothing.  According to Ben Rogers (who works for Sadiq on the Finance Commission)  Sadiq Khan has “pushed air pollution” up the agenda, but the obvious action – cutting down traffic, has yet to happen.   As a Mayor,  says Ben,  Sadiq is more “deliberate and unifying”.  That’s the excuse for his zero results.   This has to be  the joke of the year.

Indeed, so short of ideas is Sadiq, he is reduced to publishing printed material written by Boris Johnson,

Pippa Crerar’s article is a puff piece, after giving him 5/10 for policing and housing, she makes the mistake of giving him 8/10 for business and economy. Sadiq is a totally useless fundraiser,  possibly the worst ever.  His trade missions resulted in zip.  He has failed to raise a penny in foreign investment or funding.

He is supposed to be a strong voice for Brexit., says Standard.  Since when?  Sadiq wanted a Remain London entirely separate from the rest of the country!  His Brexit doom mongering was so loud, economists flattened him!   He went to Brussels to achieve London independence and came back with his tail betwen his legs!  A voice for Brexit?  Unifying?

But the worst blot on his practically empty record is his vile treatment of London black cab drivers.  Before he won the election, he was trumpeting that he would fight for the working man and be the “most business Mayor EVER!”.

The articles of Rogers and  Crerar have a glaring black hole.  If the Mayor wants to help the working man and also reduce pollution, the first thing he should be doing is capping minicabs.  London traffic is continually in gridlock but he continues to licence Uber cabs, they are all over London like a swarm of ants.

This is no disrespect to poor Uber drivers, who because of their cruel, greedy boss, Travis Kalanick, are the new slave race of Europe.

But it is a slap in the face for London cab drivers, the most professional,  hard working, efficient, good hearted trade in the entire capital.

How can it help London business to have traffic totally gridlocked?

And Uber are still seeking, with Osbo’s help, to wipe them out!

Can you imagine Zac Goldsmith, the Environment King, hugely anti pollution,  allowing this situation to continue?  Quiet Zac is a straight talker who keeps his word, and won’t let any member of the Tory elite push him around.

Apparently Sadiq Khan is short of cash.  In the same situation, Boris Johnson upped and set sail abroad.  When London needed, Boris went out and got!  His trade missions and golden sales patter, combined with his utterly trustworthy business reputation, reaped a rich haul of billions in investment, millions in deals and £500 million in funding.  Sadiq tried and brought back zip.

Several black cab drivers have told me Sadiq tells them capping minicabs is beyond his power.  This is a lie.  As a lawyer, this is one task at least that should be not beyond him.

5 responses to “After all black cab drivers have been through, now Sadiq Khan lets them down

  1. Totally useless

    • Black cab drivers do not deserve the terrible treatment they have received Jean. Sadiq is selling them
      out, he is in league with Osbo. Absolutely horrible. I still believe justice will be done.

  2. handing out licenses like sweets is crippling us outside of london too, here in bristol with untold tfl uber cars flooding us its chaos

    • It’s madness Mark. The pollution is killing kids here, Sadiq Khan has the damn nerve to moan about it while he is one of the main reasons. What they are doing to black cab drivers sickens me, deliberately trying to push them off the road. Black cab drivers have served London since the 16th century! Then Uber intend to wack up prices, so we pay sky high prices for a duff service! Osbo doesn’t give a damn!

    • Where is the justice for ordinary people, let alone cab drivers! And Sadiq PROMISED TO HELP THEM!

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