Vote Tory, but May is a cowardly lame duck PM we simply cannot afford

The Telegraph declared yesterday:  “While there can be little doubt that Theresa May could take them all on single-handed, she shouldn’t spend the coming weeks fighting alone.”What rubbish!  The scary truth is that May is too terrified to take on anyone, let alone a threatening opponent in a spontaneous, unscripted debate.  So in any battle, or unexpected situation, she is a sitting duck, easy meat,  ripe for the taking.

The Telegraph’s Asa  Bennet wrote:  Journalists covering the election have started to complain that Theresa May’s speeches and interviews are mindlessly repetitive. No matter what the question, she simply recites the same buzzwords and slogans, over and over again. May’s vicious attacks, insults and screaming fits at politicians ten times more capable and gifted than her should be seen in this light.  She can’t stand the competition!  Boris is being air brushed from Tory history!  Chairs he sat on, glasses he used.  She is asking for a huge mandate, but refuses to show the country she can handle the simplest duties required by any PM.

She is an appalling communicator.  Arrogantly, she avoids all atttempts to explain what she stands for.    May is good at making promises she never keeps.  Remember the child abuse inquiry.  A government for everyone, while Spreadsheet Phil batters the poor and won’t lay a finger on the rich?  If she runs like a rabbit from debates,   tough conversations with foreign leaders are out.  (They might bring up something not covered by her minders.)   And having sussed her out,  they are not exactly rushing to No. 10 to make her acquaintance in any case,  are they?

Worryingly, how can she possibly handle the tense, combative negotiations with the EU that will make or break this country?  What successful negotiations has May ever conducted anyway?  Worst of all, she’s hard Remain.   The signs aren’t good.

Ken Clarke said “May knows nothing about foreign affairs,”  Her gaffes in that area are already legendary.  She humiliated herself over the Saudis, because she believed that an empty anodyne relationship was the only way forward.

Then she wrecked a chance of peace with Syria simply because President Putin was only interested in talking to Boris Johnson about it, not her.

So Tories YES!  Stepford Wife May NO!  Strong and stable?  The repetition smacks of desperation.  Leaders are fearless, tackle anything.   If May can’t handle pressure, doesn’t have the answers,   so hides in her bunker, not much chance of convincing us from there?

You say this is unfair?  One way to find out!

2 responses to “Vote Tory, but May is a cowardly lame duck PM we simply cannot afford

  1. Thank you Rod. May is an autobot and a decepticon. (Transformers)

  2. Absolutely spot on

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