The GMB Boris car crash interview of Susanna Reid and blundering Ben

Yesterday’s interview with Boris Johnson was a trainwreck for Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd, they got every fact wrong. Come back Piers Morgan, unlike Susanna, he researches his interviews first. Fancy not looking up the meaning of mugwump!Boris clearly appalled at the level of intellect of Reid/Ben, turned to satire, but bemused Reid couldn’t tell the difference. It was all about the interviewers trying to look good, they made inaccurate statements then rushed on, clearly not interested in the answers.

Reid, admittedly in the company of thousands of Remoaners, had no idea you can’t pledge cash in a Referendum, only in a GE.  You can suggest.  That’s why the bus ad. said “Let’s…….”

She then got snotty over how much money we give to the EU.  Actually, it’s £376M a week, endorsed by the ONS.

Boris has standards. Thawing Reid was the last thing on his mind. Reid/Ben fancied themselves as giant killers, without the faintest idea what they were talking about.  Susanna adopted the haughty mien of Lady Bracknell, but if you want to make the movie, think Rain Man.The clunker was when Ben raised the subject of the G7. Dangerous ground. He was blithely unaware Theresa May blocked the chance of peace with Syria, by cancelling his meetings with Putin three times. As gaffes go, this has to go down as the gaffe of all time. What May’s motives were must stay private between her and her Maker.

Putin had given Boris an open invitation to visit Russia, so interested was he in Boris’s peace plan. ( Putin is totally uninterested in meeting Theresa May. ) So raising this subject, which Boris could not have commented on anyway, was the most stupid thing Ben could possibly have said, in an interview littered with inaccuracies and stupidities. Best not to go there Ben.

Mercifully, Ben stayed away from the subject of the Saudis.  In the strong and stable manner for which she is famous, May screamed, ranted and raved in the press because Boris had raised the subject of humanitarian rights, and raised the subject of abiding by the rules of warfare with the Saudis. How dare he offend them?  Humiliatingly, May then discovered this is part of Boris’s job.

To add to her embarrassment, the Saudis then supported  Boris.  They said they were not offended, they considered him charming and they appreciated his honest.  Boris also obtained a promise that the Saudis would not use barrel bombs.

Should May be so foolish as to move Boris to another job, (hard Remoaner May doesn’t want any more pressure over Brexit) all chance of peace in Syria for years will be gone. Tillerson manfully tried to replace Boris, but Putin was not interested in listening.

And one more point has been proved beyond doubt.  If lovely Susanna Reid is the face of the Reid/Morgan highly successful partnership, Piers Morgan is definitely the brains.

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