The comments the Sun refused to print! Bad bad boys……

In answer to untrue attacks on Boris Johnson in the Sun,  I gave the following info., answering the smears.  For some reason, the Sun removed my post.  Hopefully they will now let me print a response, if not,  I’m putting the link on twitter. “A comment said nobody likes Boris.  But Boris has won five elections, how does that fit?   Two Mayoral elections.  Two national elections – when Tories were in trouble, Osbo sent Boris to win the marginals, which he did, blowing sky high the theory he is only popular in the Home Countries, and London. Boris was  the overwhelming deciding factor in Brexit.

Sadly,  it is May who has made the gaffes.  She screamed at Boris because he took the Saudis to task over humanitarian issues, then found out doing that was part of his job.  To May’s utter humiliation, the Saudis then backed Boris, saying they weren’t a bit offended.   They said he was charming and admired his honesty.

Evidence that Boris is a exceptional Foreign Secretary is below

Boris is the most brilliant learned Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon says journo Peter Oborne.

Top US aide says “Boris is brilliant”.  Vice Prez Pence has said he admires Boris and has followed his career for years.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee recently told the BBC: “We have an intellectually brilliant foreign secretary who is thinking about the issues and engaging fully in a manner not achieved for decades.

Putin was so impressed with Boris’s plan for peace in Syria, he gave Boris an open invitation to visit Moscow.  The meeting was with Lavrov,  but Putin might have pitched up.   An apoplectic May cancelled all three meetings.  thus wrecking the chance of peace in Syria.  As gaffes go, they don’t come  bigger than that.

May has never been invited to meet Putin, and wouldn’t know what to say  if she was.

Ken Clarke said May knows nothing about foreign affairs.  She doesn’t,  so should wind her neck in.

I no longer write for nor do I edit the Boris Johnson Times daily.  I write a blog CyberBoris Johnson.  Boris’s aides asked me to continue blogging for him after the campaigns.

Cameron/Osbo were also jealous of Boris.  Then, as now Boris rose above the in fighting, and never responded, it’s not his style.

Because when you fight with monsters,  You become a monster.  And when you gaze into the abyss……

Instead of silly, wild accusations, maybe stick to to the evidence?

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