Black cab drivers would spit on the grave of George Osborne, Sarah Sands

Ex Standard Editor Sarah Sands writes in the paper that black cab drivers find Theresa May sexy.  A London MP gloats that to BC drivers,  the PM is a heroine to cabbies.   Not for much longer matey!Black cab drivers are incredibly quick on the uptake.  Already the word is getting around, that far from being for Brexit, as most black cab drivers are, May is a Remainer, who is desperate for things to stay the same. 

Her husband Phil is a hedge fund manager and rabid Remainer, as is best pal Chancellor Philip Hammond. who went to uni with May.

Cabbies are cottoning on that the snap election had one purpose only.  Peter Hill of the Express said today:  I don’t believe the PM and her closest colleagues – Boris isn’t one of them – want a hard Brexit. 

They would be happy to let everything stay largely unchanged.  A big majority would allow her to ignore the hardliners.   A soft Brexit would be safe but it would leave Britain tied to the stagnating EU with all the handicaps and none of the benefits, if there are any. 

We would not be free to pursue deals with all the other countries we need to do business with and which are keen to trade with us.”

And the rumour is that Lynton Crosby is no longer advising the campaign.  He swore he would never work for Osbo and Cameron again.

THE ONLY REASON May made the results of the Referendum safe in the manifesto is because Boris and David Davis put the boot in.  She had no choice.  Now she is pretending she is for a clean break from the EU. 

Sarah Sands needs to wait for a few weeks for black cab drivers to clock on  that her replacement will be the hated George Osborne,  whose word is about as reliable as Bernie Madoff’s.   Black cab drivers aren’t stupid.  It won’t take long for the penny to drop, May and Osbo are on the same side.

The only way Remoaner May will ever be a heroine to BC drivers is if she allows a public inquiry on Uber – don’t hold your breath guys. Not a chance!  May is worse than a  Remoaner.  She is a puppet Remoaner, someone else is pulling her strings.

Give it a few weeks, Sarah Sands.  Once the penny has finally dropped that May is selling the country out and is in league with Gideon,  it’s over.  She can walk home.   Black cab drivers would spit on the grave of George Osborne after what he did to them.  Do you really think they will ever forgive being deceived that badly again?

Also read:  May isn’t clean Brexit, she is hard Remain.

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