May isn’t clean Brexit. She is hard Remain.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Theresa May will win the next general election.  To be honest,   it shouldn’t be called an election.   Walkover, done deal, absolute certainty are the words that spring to mind. 

As a life long Tory, I should be glad, but for the dishonesty of the present leader.  Whatever I say will not prevent a Tory win, so these are my concerns.

  1. May has declared the Tories are the party of Brexit.  There are 172 Remain MPs in the party,  and only 126 Brexiteers.  The Tories are the party of Remain.
  2. When asked if the ad. on the battle bus was accurate, May’s deceptive reply was “Many things during the Referendum were said in passion.” It is odd that she said this, because surely every politician knows you cannot pledge cash in a Referendum, only in a GE.  You can make suggestions., which is why the bus ad.  said “Let’s…..”  But for some reason, May was eager to pretend Brexit, and particularly Boris Johnson, lied about this.
  3. May repeatedly said she would not call an election.  The public has had enough of elections right now, she said firmly.  It would also take precious time away from Brexit negotiations.  She then called a snap election, telling Brexiteers at the last possible moment.
  4. May said her government would be a government for everyone. But all the suffering has been borne by the poorest, including, shamefully, the disabled.
  5. The PM won’t say if she will keep Tory’s 2015 manifesto pledge of no rises in VAT, NI or income tax.
  6. When Boris Johnson formed a plan for peace in Syria, he had an open invitation from Prez. Putin and both men were very keen to get together.  May then cancelled the meeting three times, telling the Times she was concerned that Boris would “use too flamboyant language.”  When at first an extremely upset Prez. Putin attacked Boris Johnson on twitter, May said nothing.  As soon as Putin realised the truth,  twitter went quiet.
  7. The only time that May attacked Boris Johnson for speaking out frankly was her fault, not his.  Boris tackled the Saudis over humanitarian issues,  and May screamed and shouted he had made a gaffe.  She then discovered that dscussing these issues was part of his job and there was huge support in the MSM that Boris had done the right thing. To add to her humiliation, the Saudis jumped in on Boris’s side, saying they didn’t mind a bit, and they admired his honesty.
  8. May is posing as a protector of Brexit right now.  This is not true.  It is clear that the reason for the snap election is to push through a soft Brexit. In September, in one of many incidents, May “slapped down” David Davis for making the mile statement that we might have to leave the single market. The continual attacks of Philip Hammond on Brexit went unreprimanded.
  9. The manifesto will iron fence the principles that the country fought for and won in the Referendum.  I do not believe May, a confessed Remoaner, has suddenly transformed into a supporter for a these principles. I believed that the brave Brexiteers fought to the finish to protect Brexit, concealing this truth to protect their party.
  10. In the forthcoming GE, May has flatly refused to engage in debates.  She has always hidden away during GEs.  She rode both horses during Brexit,  and didn’t campaign for either.  Could this be because she fears that astute Tory voters will put two and two together?

When anyone votes for Mrs. May, they should do so with their eyes open.  Once in a tirade against Brexit, she said she had no intention of being “a crazed Brexiteer” or “jumping off a cliff to economic suicide”.  May is in thrall to Chancellor Philip Hammond.  She naively believes his Planet Fear scaremongering, but the real dangers lurk within the EU, economic and otherwise.

Mrs. May may refuse to jump off a cliff with Brexiteers, which certainly will not be necessary.  But if she carries on as she is, she will be pushed off by voters far more savvy than she is, who simply will not accept her deceptive dealings any longer.

6 responses to “May isn’t clean Brexit. She is hard Remain.

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  3. This is why we at The Labour Foreign Policy team invite all MPs to join us for real #BRexit to Bring Back British Rail and leave the single market. We will regulate against German pollution so there will be no more Volkswagens allowed in the UK and streets will be safe. Boris can then enjoy cycling. Cheers!

    • May cannot be trusted over Brexit. Believe snap election was to sidestep the Brexiteers, so she
      can get the softest of soft Brexits. I don’t think Tory/Lab anymore, think only Leave Remain.
      Have huge respect for Hoey and Gisela, All I want is to leave the EU, dammit! have faith our
      economy will do just fine. I agree with what you want, will help when I can, keep me posted.
      ps Believe BoJo and DD will fight to the finish to protect Brexit.

  4. Politicians appear to be lying deceitful people correct me if I am wrong however look at previous actions

    • Yes. You have to look at previous actions, May kicked the child abuse inquiry into the long grass, dragged it out for years without a thought for the suffering victims.

      Her record on immigration is dire. She ripped away our border controls when we needed them most.

      If this cheers you up, there are some politicians in all parties, who are terrific, honourable, brave and ethical people, who would die rather than betray this country. Boris Johnson and David Davis, yes, goes without saying. Sir Bill Cash, Bernard Jenkins, Dan Hannan, all the Brexiteers. Kate Hoey, Frank Field, intelligent Gisela Stuart, all terrific, top notch MPs, for whom I have the highest respect!

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