May savaging the saboteurs? or put to the sword by Brexiteers?

As a conversion, it is more astonishing than St. Paul on the road to Damascus!  PM May has suddenly become a clean Brexiteer!  This is the lady who dubbed anyone who wanted a clean break from the EU “crazy” and  a “fanatic!” This is the lady who admits she is a Remainer, who gave free rein to the Chancellor to slag off Brexit and whose husband Phil, a hedge fund manager, loves the EU almost more than life itself.It struck me as odd that when the PM announced the forthcoming election in Parliament, there was not a Brexiteer in sight. David Cameron, Blair, Cleggers, even the EU members were ecstatic at the news and announced glowingly that a huge mandate would “ensure the best deal for Britain” something they suddenly seemed awfully happy about. May declared that the Tories were the party of Brexit.  The fact that 172 Tory MPs voted for Remain and only 126 MPs for Brexit seemed to have slipped her mind.

Today, we read that May has done the right thing by the people of this country and safeguarded the decision of the EU Referendum with cast iron Brexit pledges.  The government guarantees the end of free movement, the UK will leave the single market and there will be no more meddling by Euro judges.  Aware of the damage that the PM could do to Brexit with a massive mandate, these pledges must come as an overwhelming relief to to Brexit voters.

How we arrived here is open to question.   Did  May have that Damascene conversion on the road to Brussels?   Or did our tiny band of brave,  self sacrificing Brexiteers hurl themselves into the breach and in the nick of time, engage in such a ferocious fight to the finish that they forced the PM to iron ring fence our rights? Only they know that.

Update:  In February 2017, May displayed her Remoaner credentials by calling anyone who wants to make a clean break with Brussels “a crazed Brexiteer”.

Luke 8: 17.  For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed……

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