May’s unprincipled behavour is enabled by the MSM

There is only one person to blame for the dire state of Anglo/Russian relations and that is Theresa May.    The Russians have a right to be upset that PM May cancelled Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow three times , then turned on him and screamed and abused him in the media.

Putin showed good will by giving Boris an open invititation to visit Moscow to discuss his 2016 pleace plan.  The invitation was an olive branch for peace. If Boris had been allowed to quietly go through the plan in depth with President Putin, who knows what would have transpired.  When May blocked the trip for the third time, the Russians, who unleashed their fury in the media, had every right to feel upset.  Boris certainly did.

Stopping an appalling war was the last consideration on May’s agenda, she is too keen to paint Boris as incompetent.   When May first became PM, she tried to get the three BrexiteeBrers to fight, egging them not to get on.   Then she refused to release the keys of Chevening to Boris for months, insisting they all share it,  hoping that would start a row.

These two strategems failed, so she and Hammond took to gratuitously insulting Boris in public.

All gaffes have been made by May.  She blamed Boris for offending the Saudis by raising humanitarian issues.  Humiliatingly the Saudis said they weren’t offended and appreciated Boris’s honesty.

Boris rises above it all,  but how much more undermining does he have to take from May in her underhand behind the scenes fight to force a soft Brexit?  Boris is well equipped to fight his corner, but the problem is May is enabled by the MSM.

The Remoaner MSM gleefully spout any evil lie leaked by No. 10.   They must bear the blame for prolonging the deaths in Syria.   This is worthy of Osborne at his worst – and May paints herself as a Christian woman.

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