May proved to have cancelled Boris Johnson Russian trip three times

It was a huge step forward for peace that Prez. Putin was keen to discus the Foreign Secretary’s 2016 Syrian peace plan,  and he  generously offered Boris an open invitation to visit Moscow.   Tragically, in an  attempt to undermine Boris, May blocked the trip three times.

Boris was then accused of ducking his meeting with the Russians. The G7 inititative was an afterthought to retrieve the situation, but Remoaner members of course, didn’t go for it.

The abusive articles in yesterday’s papers were unprecedented, with Adam Boulton,  a SKY Remoaner and Simon Walters of the Remoaner Mail on Sunday sinking to the sleaziest depths in jeers and name calling. May’s motive is believed to be that she wants to humiliate Boris to discredit him, to get a soft Brexit.  The MSM is also starting to attack David Davis.

Remoaners gleefully jumped on the twitter band wagon, ripping into Boris, calling him a terrible Foreign Secretary.  The reverse is true.  It took true inspiration to produce a plan for peace that interested the Russian President and Prez. Putin deserves our thanks that he was willing to listen.

The war has been a nightmare for the people of Syria.  May has done a terrible  thing.   It was a chance and could have saved lives.  It is heartbreaking that a chance to stop the war was wilfully wrecked and the people of Syria are the victims of this.

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