May outclassed by Boris so descends to undermining

Several articles in the Mail on Sunday and in the Sunday Times, including one by the normally accurate Adam Boulton, omit such fundamental. facts that they can only be regarded as stitch up/hatchet jobs.

The facts  ignored are these.  When Boris Johnson met various US top aides of Donald Trump, he was described as “brilliant” by one of these aides and his meetings were exceptionally successful. The independent thinking of our Foreign Secretay was well received. Boris formed a peace plan before 2016 for peace in Syria.  After more straight talking from Boris to the Russians, Prez.  Putin issued an open personal invitation to Boris to visit Moscow whenever he liked.  The Russians wanted to discuss this peace plan face to face and they wanted to talk to Boris.

Unfortunately three meetings fixed for Boris to go to Moscow were cancelled at the insistence of Theresa May.  Mrs. May said in City AM. “It is clear that a window for peace in Syria has opened up.”  Boris has met Lavrov before and established an understanding. And yet May cancelled all the meetings.

Why should May wreck such a vital and important chance to stop the murderous killing in Syria that included the use of sarin gas by President Assad?

A government is a team,  the only thing that matters is that the suffering in Syria should end.  But if someone is clever enough to find a solution,  they do not deserve to be abused and ripped to pieces by May and the media for their pains.

Boris has been hugely praised for his work at the FO Selection for Foreign Affairs.  He has been praised by journalists such as Peter Oborne who say there has not been been such a brilliant, learned Foreign Secretary since the days of Lord Curzon.  And his success in interesting Prez Putin in a peace plan is a hugely significant achievement.

The most upsetting fact about this tragic situation is the efforts of the people who then presented Boris’s plan to Moscow failed.  The “window” of opportunity has slammed shut. Even worse, whatever May’s motive for her disastrous intervention,  concern  for the rising number of Syrian dead, now in hundreds of thousands, including children,  clearly didn’t enter into it.

May and Hammond have been keen to undermine Boris from the start to push a soft Brexit through.  Now the MSM is starting on Davis.  Another toughie.

Boris is no way diminished by this vile dehaviour.  He will rise above it.  As for the liars trying to smear him, no number of Church visits will make them clean again.



4 responses to “May outclassed by Boris so descends to undermining

  1. Shame on Mrs May, why are all politicians afraid of Boris, perhaps because he has the brains, intelligence they lack, also Boris has charisma, is well liked wherever he goes!

  2. William Henwood

    Angie It is time for Boris and DD to leave the cabinet and to fight for Britain.
    Note the regular visits made by THE PM to Saudi Arabia, who seem to be manipulating her.
    The Deep State and the NWO continually hold her to ransom. (This is the only way I can explain her erratic outbursts, supercilious comments to the HoC etc).
    The only country in the Levant where Christians can openly declare their faith and practice their faith safely is in Assad’s Libya. He is not a tyrant that the BBC keeps going on about.
    I used to think that the PM was a Christian, however watching her in action and her pronouncements I have come to the conclusion that her Christianity is a facade. If she was a Christian she would be supporting Assad and campaigning against Christian genocide.

    • They can’t fight for Brexit outside Cabinet. Resign is what May wants them to do, that’s why she screams, rants, reaves and tells them to shut up, some Christian. There is a supertight team, May, Hammond, Rudd, Boris and David Davis. May would LOVE them to resign. How can they “fight for Brexit” utside the team, she is dying to push soft Brexit on us.

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