It doesn’t have to be this way, Boris Johnson tells Putin

The heart breaking truth is that the war will continue and more Syrian men, women and little children will die in a war that has lasted over six year, unless there is a major change.

Dismayed at the Russian decision to veto a UN resolution condemning last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria,  Boris Johnson told the Russians they could be a lifeline for Assad’s murderous regime.

In a week that has seen Boris Johnson’s call for sanctions nixed by the G7, and derided on twitter,   Boris upped his criticism of the Russian veto of of the UN Security Council.  Chancellor Hammond and the PM have come out in support of Boris over the G7   In a statement,  the Foreign Secretary said:

“I am dismayed that Russia has once again blocked the UN Security Council and in so doing refused to condemn the use of chemical weapons or support a full UN investigation into the attack,” he said in a statement.

“This puts Russia on the wrong side of the argument. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Yesterday in Moscow, Rex Tillerson said the Assad regime is coming to an end,  and the UK is fully in agreement with Mr. Tillerson.”

Boris continued: “So Russia faces a choice: it can continue acting as a lifeline for Assad’s murderous regime, or it could live up to its responsibilities as a global power, and use its influence over the regime to bring six long years of failed ceasefires and false dawns to an end.

“We stand ready to work together and I will be talking to my G7 partners in the coming days about how we can continue to strive for a political solution that brings an end to the suffering of the Syrian people.”

Mr Johnson also said that British scientists concluded that sarin “or a sarin-like” substance was used in last week’s attack.

“Our assessment, like that of the US, is that it is highly likely the Assad regime was responsible,” he said.

Opposition sneers are ignorant and ill judged.  His critics do not fully understand a highly complicated situation,  and they are  only demonstrating their arrant selfishness and stupidity in talking down genuine initiatives for peace.   Our Foreign Secretary is right. We stand ready to work together.    It doesn’t have to be this way.

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