Free movement will finally end, but it’s May who wants a softer Brexit

Boris and David Davis have reluctantly accepted that business will need time to adapt to the cutoff of free movement.  But an earlier report claimed that Theresa May has been campaigning within the Cabinet, for a softer Brexit,  unlocking “a deep and special partnership” with the bloc. 

She says extending FM is unavoidable. She had to wrestle with Brexit-backing Tories to secure their support.  Brexit chiefs Boris Johnson and Liam Fox have grudgingly agreed to back a transitional arrangement that would bridge the gap between Brexit and a future trade deal, the FT reported.

My view is we don’t want “a deep and special relationship with the bloc.”  That’s when they start taking advantage. Some countries are our natural allies, that’s different, but the EU chiefs are fixated on domination.   A professional trading relationship will suit voters just fine, because the EU chiefs are unpleasant, domineering greedy people.  OK if business needs more time, that is reasonable, but it shouldn’t drag on endlessly.

In the EU Referendum, the Leave win confirmed voters want to be totally rid of all EU control.  If May is inveigling for a soft Brexit, that is code for a nonexit.  She is in thrall to Hammond and her Remoaner husband Phil who make no pretence of their eagerness to Remain. Whereas other members of government are told to stay on message, Hammond, who should be talking up Brexit, says what he likes.

Maybe I’m wrong.  But if May tries to palm off a soft Brexit on voters that contradicts all we  fought for, she will be fatally damaged. Boris and David Davis are prepared to be reasonable, but ending up still controlled in any way by the EU is the dealbreaker.

2 responses to “Free movement will finally end, but it’s May who wants a softer Brexit

  1. Here we go let the deceit start and the soft rubbish come out what a load of idiots run this kingdom of ours get out run our own borders no more pussyfooting the government will roll over to please the EU dictatorship once more run by a load of hooray henrys!

    • May is too influenced by Hammond and hubby Phil. But FM will end, Boris Johnson and David Davis will make sure of that.

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