Sir Bill Cash is right, in real terms the EU owes us approx. £1.5 Trillion if you include war debt

This is one of the letters in today’s Times.  This dreadful article by David Aaronovitch is not worth reading, but one of the replies to it is.

“Yes, but once again it takes Nigel Farage to tell it how it is, and then they reel at the suggestion that they are acting like the Mafia. Problem is it is true. Bill Cash is right, in real terms the EU owes us approximatey £1.5 Trillion if you include war debt.

Putting that to one side we have a share of EU assets, liberally valued at £35 Billion. Add to that the half of the rebate surrendered by Blair/Brown in 2002 in return for reform of the CAP.  Reform never happened, but they continued to take half of the rebate. That requires a refund of £45 Billion adjusted for inflation, so in reality approximately £55 Billion.  55 + 35 = £90 Billion, so even adjusting for their supposed bill of £50 Billion at a very hard push, they owe us at least £30 – 40 Billion.

Will they pay it? I doubt it very much, so lets wipe the slate clean and call it quits and start to negotiate the next step like grown ups. Do they trust the British, well we have played by the rules even though most of the other 27 have little understanding of the rules. Italy, Spain Germany, France, Holland and Belgium have all indulged in illegal state aid in some form or another to the disadvantage of Britain.

France and Germany have only paid lip service to the single market, lets talk about national strategic assets shall we? Brit card is illegal in Britain, but legal if you’re Germany and France.   Let’s talk about cherry picking and the German constitutional court? Come on,  we are the only country that has ever played with a straight bat from begining to end…

The above was written by Craig Jackson, in the comments section of an article by David Aaronovitch in today’s Times.  The article is despicably titled “Would you trust the British if you were the EU?” is that meant to be funny?

One response to “Sir Bill Cash is right, in real terms the EU owes us approx. £1.5 Trillion if you include war debt

  1. It doesn’t matter our government will bow down to Europe look what’s happening already regarding immigration oh it may well be extended freedom of movement should stop as per referendum what else are you lot going to give into please no more deception the truth even though that may be difficult

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