Boris “humbled” by the compassion of nearby countries who take in Syrians

When Anna Soubry visited Jordan, she discovered that Syrians did not, as Owen Jones is continually insisting,  want to be taken hundreds of miles to a strange land, to be “taken in.”  As Anna movingly described, “All they want is to go home.”  But right now of course they can’t do that.

The next best thing is to move to a nearby country.  Speaking at the UN,  Boris said we are humbled by the compassion and sacrifice of nearby countries, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and several countries further afield who set a moral example.

Our aid can help.  The aid Britain is giving to Syria,  2.3 billion, is the highest in the world.  We can help with food, clothing,  costs of education and finding work, until this nightmare is over and Syria can rebuild and rise again in peace and hope.

President Trump has described the use of sarin gas, that has caused the deaths of 11 children, “an affront to humanity.”

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