The Madness of King George

Osbo has accepted the job of Editor of the London Standard, but his editor role has not been approved by the advisory committee on business appointments (Acoba).  So  indignant are his constituents and others,  a petition on site 38 degrees gathered momentum over Saturday with over 100,000 signatures.The organisers of the petition wrote on the page: ‘It’s not appropriate for someone to be a member of the government and also control a huge amount of the media.”

Osborne is known to have removed the handling of Uber, the American multi national from the then Mayor, Boris Johnson with disastrous consequences for London.  The unceasing flood of newly licenced PHVs caused traffic chaos. They also increased pollution, and the number of attacks on  women passengers is known to have hugely increased.

The aim appeared to be to push black cabs off the road.

Osbo seems to be blind to the issue created by being an editor as well as an MP. He has a reputation for getting others to do his work for him.    When George was Chancellor, according to journalist Peter Oborne, he hardly showed his face at the Treasury,  leaving  Rupert Harrison to do his job, while he spent most of his time networking to be PM.

He has never explained why he consistently refused to cap PHVs by rejecting Boris’s requests for legislation. He also refused to let Boris regulate Uber cabs. The extreme actions of ex PM Cameron and Osbo re. Uber had nothing but negative consequences for London, but hugely benefited Uber.

Osbo has taken on 6 jobs in all, and one involves a stonking £650,000 from Black Rock,  for one day’s work a week.  There is concern, since Black Rock is a major Uber investor, that something untoward might be involved, in view of all the unexplained help Osbo and Cameron gave Uber.  Black cabs were badly hurt by Osbo’s actions. Black cabs have won the international prize for best cab service six times in a row.  Their impressive ability saved them from ruin.

As I have said, these actions had no positive benefit for London.

There should be an investigation as to why Cameron and Osbo went to such huge lengths to lean on Boris over Uber and when he refused to comply, why they went to the extent taking the issue of Uber away from such a successful and fair minded Mayor.

It seems that George Osborne thinks he can do what he likes.  Like Louis XlV, he believes “L’etat, c’est moi”.

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