Hands off! Boris Johnson and David Davis are about to play hardball

As May starts her negotiations over Brexit, she might recall Thatcher’s reminiscences in 1993 about her own talks with Brussels, in which she said: “There’s not a strand of equity and fairness in Europe; they’re out to get as much as they can. So I tackled it on that basis.”  reported the Sunday Times.Boris Johnson and David Davis can both be exceptionally charming,  but when necessary,  that’s the front.  Underneath they are prepared to beat the crap out of any EU chief or Remoaner who pushes his luck. Boris Johnson brutally cut the Spanish off at the kneecaps in case they had any smart ideas, by saying, “Gibraltar is not for sale. Gibraltar cannot be traded. Gibraltar will not be bargained away.”  In other words,  hands off!Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times reported:  “An MP close to Davis said his approach as a former SAS reservist will be publicly conciliatory but privately tough. “DD [David Davis] needs to be effusive in his praise for their negotiators in public and beat the shit out of them for a couple of rounds in private. They need to know we won’t be subject to extortion.”  The bland but beaming smile on the face of David Davis shows that he’s up for it.

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