Sleazy Riders! The Mail rats out Cameron and Osbo over Uber

The cat is out of the bag!  The Mail revealed today after a flat denial last year, a second freedom of information request has resulted in TfL revealing that Boris Johnson was indeed leant on by Osbo and his henchmen to to lay off Uber.  There was apparently a huge disagreement between No. 10 and Mayor Boris Johnson’s office., because the Mayor wanted fairness and observance of the rules and Osbo and Cameron wanted Uber let off everything scot free.Boris scheduled endless meetings with Osbo insisting minicabs must be capped.   He got nowhere. The argument between the Chancellor and the Mayor became so heated, it eventually became clear to Osbo the Mayor did not intend to give in, particularly as Boris kept applying for legislation to cap minicabs, which Osbo continually refused. This was all behind the scenes.  In public, Boris Johnson was screamed and shouted at by so many black cab drivers on the road that the normally placid Mayor snapped and replied in kind.  Who can blame him?  In private he was fighting the black cabs’ corner, but in public Osbo was playing his favourite trick of railroading appalling behaviour, while somebody else carried the can.

By the beginning of December, 2015, it was all over.  Boris had produced every possible argument,  but for some reason Osbo was deaf to reason and he had tired of playing cat and mouse.  It was gridlock.

Uber boss Travis Kalanick

There was only one solution.  George removed the entire issue from City Hall.  He now handled TfL and was responsible for Uber.  It was George who ordered TfL to keep the growing number of rapes and assaults from the public, because people might stop taking minicabs..

The Secretary of State, Department of Transport was forced to make clear and he had to announce this in Parliament, that it was  the Government, not the Mayor who was refusing to cap PHVs.  This way, Boris was signalling he did not approve. 

Recently, one of Uber’s major investors, US finance house BlackRock, employed him as an advisor at £650,000 for 48 days work a year.

The reason for the violent lobbying from the government on behalf of Uber has never been explained.

Cat and mouse?  Never mouse!  More like rat!  And as far as any explanation is concerned, the rest is silence!

27/3/17  Update: More evidence of dicey dealings between Uber and No. 10 described here. 

3 responses to “Sleazy Riders! The Mail rats out Cameron and Osbo over Uber

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  2. William Henwood

    Cameron’s government was not honourable. It was all about securing contacts to make themselves filthy rich post Parliament.

    There will be more stories like this.

    • Absolutely disgusting. We need to know the reasons for their behaviour, they owe the public an explanation.

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