Cynics sneer “Politicians are all the same” but we have seen the bravest and the best

Politicians generally get a pretty harsh press. The popular opinion is  “They are the same!” and anyone who argues differently is greeted with cynical laughter. Recent events, like the EU Referendum and the Westminster terrorist attack have proved how wrong this is.

Many of the politicians who fought for Brexit took a huge risk.  Boris Johnson took the  biggest gamble of his life to fight for the rights of ordinary people, so much so that his father believed he had ruined his career.

Every Leave politician, Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, Andrea Leadsom,  Michael Gove, was subjected at some state, to horrendous abuse from Remain, some of them, like Boris, non-stop.Sir Bill Cash has fought for Brexit for 30 years because he believed the EU was a mistake.  He saw straight away that we were losing our democratic rights, as did John Redwood, Nigel Farage, Bernard Jenkins and others. They all vowed to fight to recover our rights however long it took.

Zac Goldsmith pledged if a third runway was built at Heathrow, he would resign, and honourably he kept his word, even though he knew his constituency was full of Remainers so there was a strong chance he might lose his seat.

The MP for Bournemough East, ex-army captain Tobias Ellwood, didn’t blink before putting his own life at risk and running towards danger in the Westminster terrorist attack, while everyone else ran in the opposite direction.  He tried to save the life of policeman Keith Palmer, giving CPR and trying to staunch his wounds.  Although he shook his head, when it was announced in Parliament he should receive an honour, the Queen has made him a privy councillor, together with Ben Wallace MP.

The privy council is mainly composed of senior politicians, although it also includes judges and bishops, and has advised the monarch since the Norman era.

These men and women represent the very best of our politicians,  and restore our faith in the people who lead us.  It is absolutely not true that all that politicians are the same.  If some represent the worst, equally there are ethical, honourable, hardworking MPs and Ministers.  Those above represent the best.

3 responses to “Cynics sneer “Politicians are all the same” but we have seen the bravest and the best

  1. Am sick of hearing how horrible politicians are! It’s certainly not true when you think of the Brexiteers. They gave everything and had a horrible time.

  2. Well said Boris, I doubt even 10% of those marching in London had a clue why! We are fighting to get our Country back, make are own laws, govern ourselves, keep our taxes in the UK and stop wasting millions on an inflated Union of unelected people that are only interested in feathering their own nest!

  3. It was me who wrote the blog, not Boris. I am an independent blogger and tweeter. In all the tragedy and heartache of the terror attack, bravery of PC Keith who died and Toby Ellwood who tried to save him shone through.

    The young girls who knelt to give comfort to the wounded and dying on Westminster Bridge brings lump to my throat.

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