Action man Boris helps East Africa and women, while lefties sneer and pose on demos

One would think that Diane Abbott of all people would be excited and supportive of the great work Boris Johnson is doing for women and in helping East Africa.  In Somalia, Boris was greeted with touching emotion by Somalians, who all said what a confidence boost his visit was and what a huge difference it made to see him.  The aid he helped unload was a live saver.

He was greeted with equal warmth and enthusiasm in Ethiopia,  Uganda and Kenya, as he discussed ideas for a better future for these countries with their rulers. 

Even more inspiring is Boris’s plan to fight for womens’ rights and to increase educational opportunities for the 61 million little girls worldwide who never get a chance to go to school.  He has appointed a female special envoy who has already got cracking.  The idea is inspirational and visionary.  These issues, helping needy countries, and fighting for the oppressed and womens’ rights are usually right up Labour’s alley.  They are the self appointed “party of caring”.

Does Labour rush to give support?  Do they show any enthusiasm? Et ta soeur!  The only response from Diane Abbott was to rake up a 20 year old satirical quote by Boris and insist he meant it seriously. This was also the pathetic response of the lefty press.  No wonder Labour is dead and buried!

When the Tories do something really great and PM May has said how proud she is that we are are leading the world, not only in giving aid, but in fund raising, the response from Labour is either sniping, playing politics or silence.

Boris Johnson is only  interested in action, getting results.   He has never had any time for moaning, groaning, or smearing other politicians.  As Mayor, when London needed, Boris went out and got!  He is doing the same thing now.

A few weeks ago, Sadiq Khan and Labour held a demo in aid of womens’ rights.  It gave Sadiq a chance to pose around and pretend he was helping women.   Meanwhile, FGM operations are the higher in London than in the entire country.

Remoaners and Lefties did their bit for racism today though.  Their efforts tied up the police, cost London hundreds of thousands, but guess what?  They held another demo.

One response to “Action man Boris helps East Africa and women, while lefties sneer and pose on demos

  1. Pathetic! Diane Abbott forever moaning and groaning that nobody bothers about Somalia. Boris is doing a terrific job fund raising, but does she help? All she does is rake up a 20 year old quote from a satire and misquote him! Absolutely disgraceful. All lefties are the same, The Guardian, the Indy, just moaned and smeared him by twisting the same article. Pathetic.

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