Boris Johnson visits Kenya on his successful East Africa tour

Kenya’s Foreign Ministry said that Boris Johnson’s visit is because the UK is the largest European foreign investor in Kenya, the largest source market for Kenya’s tourism and the third most important export destination.” Kenya mainly exports tea, coffee and horticultural products to the UK.Our Foreign Secretary will hold bilateral talks with his host Ambassador Amina Mohamed, on “critical matters of mutual interests,” Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.  His visit comes as private ranches in Laikipia, most owned by Britons, continue to be raided by illegal herders. 

Early this morning, Boris went jogging with athletics sporting legend,  Haile Gebreselassie!  The East Africa appeal is doing tremendously well, see Boris’ s tweet above.  Boris is an outstanding fund raiser, hugely successful for London too.  His enthusiasm,  knowledge and trustworthiness are the reasons for his success.  PM May has said how proud she is that the UK  is taking the lead in funding raising  for needy countries, so are we!

The Sun wrote a detailed report of Boris’s visit, which you can read here.

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