Parliament has spoken but Anna Soubry is still not happy

Anna Soubry has spent all week asking for Parliament to be sovereign.  Parliament should always have the final decision, argues Anna, not the people.  So has Gina Miller and Gina has gone to considerable effort and expense to ensure this is so. Her logic is shaky to say the least.  Anna says sure, the people voted to leave.  She accepts that and supports it.  But that’s over now!  (?)  If the PM gets a good deal, great, but if not, Parliament must then have a meaningful vote and take over. It was left to Tory MP Mark Harper to explain to Anna that voters had voted to leave the EU, good deal or bad.    They want rid of EU interference and intend to leave whatever the deal the PM gets. 

Parliament voted on two amendments regarding Article 50, one to immediately guarantee the future of EU residents in this country and the second to give Parliament the power to “comment meaningfully” on the final deal. Both amendments were rejected in both Houses.

A lady was on SKY just now screaming “We did not vote for hard Brexit!”  That is actually not true.  The full question in the referendum bill was: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”  Yes or No?  No mention of deals.

On SKY this morning, Anna Soubry was still preaching lunacy.  We should hang on to the single market, she said.  But that means keeping free movement Anna. And that means EU control, so what you are saying is, we shouldn’t leave the EU.

Gina Miller has had her wish, Parliament was sovereign and voted on the amendments to Article 50.  Unfortunately, they didn’t vote the way she wanted.  So Gina has decided the courts, not Parliament, should have the final say.  She is “going to war” again. 

OK ladies, we get it.  You want to decide.  You want to stay in the EU  And unless you do, you simply won’t be happy, will you.

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