Hysterical Hollywood is on a witch hunt again

On Sunday night, hysterical Hollywood is all set to give its most nauseous performance ever,  at the Oscars 2017,  once again tearing their new Prez to pieces.   They have condemned Trump in a body, and nobody else dares open their mouths.  jodiefosterMeryl Streep started it, with a rabble rousing performance that had nothing to do with fact.   She said Donald Trump intended to evict all foreigners, “including Canadian Ryan Gosling!”, a blatant lie.  Later,  reliving her role in Sophie’s Choice, she complained she had been attacked for her views “by a load of brownshirts”. In 1991, Robert de Niro starred in a film called Guilty By Suspicion, about McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklist.  To work as a  writer in Hollywood in the 1950’s, you had to finger anyone with Communist leanings.  The enemy then was  communism, or radical leftism.  Now it’s Trumpism.  De Niro of course was the hero in the movie, but now it’s him who’s naming names, trying to ruin people for their views. merylstreepAt a rally today, Jodie Foster said: “I’m not somebody who feels very comfortable using my public face for activism. ( You cudda fooled me!)  “We know the first attack on democracy is an assault on free expression and civil liberties and this relentless war on truth. Unfortunately it’s too familiar because history repeats itself.”

The hip belief in Hollywood right now is that the democratically elected new President must be kicked out and not given a chance because his views don’t coincide with the views of the Hollywood elite.   It’s all about walking over the poorest in society for having the temerity to stick up for themselves.  The luvvies wanted Hillary, even though she backed Angela Merkel who watches while mass migrant rape sweeps Europe and crime sky rockets.

Celebs like Lady Gaga and Madonna mouth their support for womens’ issues, but in reality are backing a leader who is allowing her people, including children to be raped and assaulted.  Merkel only ensures that efficient censorship of European and now twitter and Facebook, ensures that the truth about the atrocities is kept from America.

Watch in despair on Sunday night, as hammy thespians overemote having grasped the wrong end of the stick!  It takes no guts at all to denounce the  President when everyone in Hollywood agrees with you.  The real atrocity is that Hollywood is dismissing the will of the American people, treating them like ignorant hoi polloi who are too thick to vote.

What would be truly courageous is if someone stood up and said it wasn’t the Hollywood luvvies who are being trampled on,  democracy was being trampled on.  Anyone with a view that contradicts the view of the Hollywood elite is being trashed. A huge social injustice is being perpetrated by the very people who claim to speak up for truth and free speech.

An abomination will be perpetrated on Oscar night, by smug gits who are so out of touch they haven’t the faintest idea that Sweden is now being called the rape capital of the world.  The only wish of the Prez is to protect his people and keep them safe.

The second paragraph of the US Constitution says that all men are equal. Do smug movie stars even consider this?

So who is man enough to stand up and take them on.   It would take true guts.  A Braveheart!  A Superhero! An Iron Man to speak out for ordinary people in the face of the Hollywood hypocrites. It would be spectacular TV.   Come on Clint Eastwood!  Make my day!

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