The truth is revealed in the heartbreaking cry of Syrian refugees

On Good Morning Britain this week, Anna Soubry described how she has recently been to Jordan,  to see for herself the plight of Syrian refugees.  Our aid budget under Boris Johnson for Syria is the largest in the world – 2.3 billion – but money means nothing to the shattered children who have lost their entire worlds, too numb even to cry.syria7Anna accompanied Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and they  witnessed “harrowing” scenes at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan earlier this week during a three-day trip  as part of an Oxfam delegation.

Dr. Allin-Khan said: “The thing that impacted me the most was just the number of children that were there, young people there without hope, without any form of work.

“They’ve fled awful things, they’ve seen things no human being should ever see.”

Anna’s description of the wishes of the refugees was heartbreaking.

“All they want is go home!!! They don’t want to go miles and miles to be strangers in a strange land, where people don’t even speak the same language!  They don’t want to be a burden on other countries!”

How many people in the same situation would not feel the same way.   All they want is to go home!  Can’t our leaders see they are looking at this problem in completely the wrong way and a solution must be found to help refugees to resettle safely,  as near to their previous homes as possible. Near something that they know.

The interviewer said to Anna who was struggling to express her feelings, But what are you saying, I don’t understand.  What do you think is the solution?  Anna looked at her in silence for a few seconds and then could only repeat helplessly   “All they want is to go home.”

5 responses to “The truth is revealed in the heartbreaking cry of Syrian refugees

  1. So terribly sad. The idea of taking children to Europe, when they don’t speak the language has to be alienating and traumatic.

  2. These are real refugees. Not stonking great blokes, fit as fiddles, who just fancy a change of scenery.

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