FS Boris Johnson answers questions on the US, Israel, Defence etc

borisphoneForeign Secretary Boris Johnson was answering questions in the House of Commons today.  To see the televised broadcast, please click here. Here is a election of the most important questions, the link to the answers is here. 

Questions were asked on the following subjects.

US relations:  Boris Johnson said:  …. let me just say that it is my general impression that the policy of the United States is migrating ever more towards a position of congruence with our policy rather than the reverse.  Rex Tillerson was absolutely clear that he regards the relationship with the United Kingdom as one of pivotal importance for his country. Indeed, NATO is of pivotal importance for the safety not just of European countries, but of the United States. He was also clear, of course, that the UK will be at the front of the queue for a new trade deal.

UK contribution to Afghanistan: Boris Johnson said: The right hon. Lady talks about the UK’s contribution to Afghanistan, and I think that she and the whole House can be very proud of the sacrifice made by those 456 British troops who lost their lives over the past 15 years. Hundreds of thousands of women in Afghanistan are now being educated as a result of the sacrifice made by British troops and the investment in that country by the British people. There are people who are now getting food, water and sanitation, which they would not otherwise have received.

Israeli settlements:  This entire section is extremely interesting.

Immediate priorities of the Foreign Office:  Boris Johnson explained:  By the next time I answer questions in the House, the Government will have invoked article 50. My priority for the rest of the year therefore will be to ensure the smoothest and cleanest possible departure from the EU consistent with maintaining close co-operation with our European friends. I shall also strive—the Opposition can never achieve this—to work alongside the new US Administration as we deal with common challenges posed by Russia and the crises in the Middle East.

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