Meddling George Soros is faking demos against Prez Trump

The so called spontaneous demonstrations against President Trump are not as spontaneous as they appear.  It has always struck me as strange how very well organised the demonstrations are.  On the day after Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency, there was civil unrest.  It struck me as highly peculiar that demonstrators were brandishing exceptionally well made printed banners, with well thought out slogans. soros4As soon as I read that Tony Blair has a £10 million war chest to undermine Brexit and populism,  it was hard not to smell a rat. I then read that billionaire and arch meddler George Soros had the same aim.

News source Sputnik says:     Despite media representing protests against US President Donald Trump as grassroots spontaneous uprisings, there is actually a significant amount of money being spent on special interest groups to keep the disruptions happening.

As we previously reported, billionaire financier George Soros has provided funding to at least 56 of the “partner” organizations, including National Resource Defense Council and Planned Parenthood, on the Women’s March on DC. has also been consistently organizing and calling for protests, and shocker, is also financed by Soros.While protesters themselves may not always be “paid” in any monetary way, the organizations often provide them with legal aid, housing, food, or other comforts to encourage protest or other activities that fit their agenda.

“There’s kind of a tradition of paid protesters. That’s not a job per say, but special interest groups have funds, they are somewhat quite organized. They will pay people to protest in support of an issue. They provide attorneys, they provide places for them to stay, they rent houses, they provide medics for them,” David Carter, professor of the School of Criminal Justice and director of the Intelligence program at Michigan State University, as well as a former Kansas City, Missouri, police officer, recently told Sputnik News.”

News source Newsmax reports that Soros has funded the airpor protests against Prez. Trump.

Another arch meddler, Tony Blair has advertised his £10 million war chest to fight Brexit and populism.  Bringing down anti EU  Trump, trying to stop his State visit must be part of that agenda.  What better way to do that than by funding the demos here, just like Soros?   I’m betting Blair is playing the same game as Soros. He won’t admit it.  But I would bet money on it.

4 responses to “Meddling George Soros is faking demos against Prez Trump

  1. This is old news however if we can bring it to the attention of more people, it is good for world peace if he and his son is locked up.
    There is an international arrest warrant out for him.
    Interesting to see a U tube article of an interview view he did explaining how he got started in life

    • It’s old news that Soros is undermining Brexit and populism, but first time I have found evidence he is funding the demos and professional demonstrators are keeping up the level of hate against Trump? Why has nobody else blogged about it then? Because I haven’t heard about it!

  2. We people are realising what they are like ignore them they will go away sooner the better feel sorry for them, what’s money tell them get a life.

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