Boris Johnson makes fun of Blair, the man with the CV from hell

Boris makes fun of disgraced politician Tony Blair, above.    As Foreign Secretary, Boris is still clearing up the mess left by the Bush/Blair war in Iraq.   Blair allegedly lied to Parliament over WMD and killed a generation of Muslims, men, women and children.

He will never be forgiven for the Iraq War, and his selfish actions unleashed a wave of terror on the West.

As PM, his government had the dubious distinction of creating spin, smear campaigns and toxic politics.  Blair is loathed and derided.  His contacts with regimes and individuals of questionable morality,  his money-making activities and his homes, all of which have been regularly aired by a profoundly suspicious press,  seem to have caused the damage.

Coincidentally, we are on the verge of two vital bye elections for Labour, would Blair have timed this intervention to wreck ’em??

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