Netanyahu and Prez Trump keen to form a Coalition with the UK

Steve Hilton, ex guru of the Cameron government, who left, disillusioned,  to go to the States, was on Fox News today, beaming and bursting with enthusiasm. Once more, we are seeing the old, hopeful  Steve, excited and energised by  recent events.donaldbibi

It was clear from the body language in the interview they gave on Fox that “Bibi” Netanyahu and Prez Donald Trump  have a genuine rapport.  They kidded each other and talked about deal making.  President Trump is keen to solve the Israel/Palestine  impasse and he should only be applauded for the scale of his ambition.

Steve said on Fox that the plan being discussed is a Great Coalition between Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom.  The immediate objectives would be to sort out the Palestinian/Israeli situation and to rid the world of terror.borisnetanyahuBoris Johnson has always believed in Love for all, Hatred for  None, but he is firm in his believe we must be tough on terror.  He also is more wary of the Russians than Donald Trump, and is formulating a Balkan Buffer for our protection.  We are extending our activity and influence as Global Britain now Gambia rejoins  the Commonwealth.

It is time to look forward with hope and optimism for the future.   Yes, it was terrible to discover the truth about the lies on our tv channels, and horrible when the extent of fake news hit the trusting populace.  But we know now.

As Boris Johnson memorably said,  the truth is out and you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.  We have other sources to find the truth.  And best of all, we know, we are not helpless, we have a voice and we have the power as a nation to shape our own destiny.

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