Boris in Africa: As Gambia rejoins the Commonweath, his prediction proved right

Turbocharged Boris Johnson is on his way to West Africa,  and he will start his visit today in The Gambia, where he will meet new President Adama Barrow and visit the British-funded Medical Research Council, said the Foreign Office.  The Foreign Secretary was excited to announce that Gambia is about to rejoin the Commonwealth.borisafricaBoris Johnson’s trip is a first since the country won independence from Britain in 1965. “I’m delighted to be the first foreign secretary to visit Gambia this week,”  he said in a statement on Monday.  Gambia is the fourth country to return to the Commonwealth after leaving it, following South Africa, Pakistan and Fiji and Boris pointed out that “Global Britain is growing in influence and activity around the world.”

Gambian Prez Barrow – nicknamed “No Drama Adama” for his calmness during the recent election – stood on a platform including asking the Commonwealth to readmit his country.

Nana Akufo-Addo

The Foreign Secretary then travels to Ghana, where he will meet President Nana Akufo-Addo (above)  who was also sworn in last month after elections in December. Boris has always been a big supporter of the Commonwealth from his first weeks as Foreign Secretary.  “We believe in the Commonwealth and its commitment to improving the lives of people across all its member states,” Mr Johnson said last October.

“The Commonwealth is an organisation dedicated to developing free and democratic societies, and to promoting peace and prosperity.”

Eurosceptics repeatedly argued during the Referendum campaign that Britain leaving the EU could help forge greater links with the Commonwealth.

The results of the above two elections prove Boris and the Eurosceptics were right.

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