May appears to be going soft on Brexit

Theresa May apparently said in a private meeting last week that she is “not some crazed Brexiteer.” It was reported:  “The Prime Minister made it clear at a private meeting last week that she will not risk economic suicide by ‘jumping off a cliff’ with a hard Brexit – and secretly supports some demands by Remain Tories.”mayhammond3She now says she:

  • Sympathises with rebel Tory MPs who have warned that leaving the EU without a deal could be disastrous;
  • Apologised to them after they accused one of her own Ministers of ruining her attempt to extend an olive branch;
  • Will only walk away from EU talks if all else fails.

May appears to be significantly shifting her position.  When she revealed her Brexit strategy,  one catch phrase was “Better no deal than a bad deal!”  Mrs. May seems to have significantly moved from that position.

May has now  had a ‘friendly’ meeting on Tuesday with Nickie Morgan.  May promised to address Mrs Morgan’s concern that MPs should have the right to vote on the outcome of EU talks – even if there is no deal.

In a meeting with aides in No 10 shortly before Mrs Morgan arrived with fellow pro-EU Tory leaders Dominic Grieve and Alistair Burt, Mrs May’s tone caused surprise.  Alarmingly,  Mrs May picked this moment to remind everyone she is a Remoaner.

Mrs. May needs to come clean and explain what she means by “a crazed Brexiteer”.  We all hope that she obtain the best possible deal for Britain.  But we voted to Leave and no Leaver is prepared to accept even a smidgeon of EU control.  There was no misunderstanding about the Leave message.  We want control back.

If Mrs. May attends to compromise that message,  she should say so now and let someone who believes in Brexit and voted Brexit take over.

4 responses to “May appears to be going soft on Brexit

  1. I am not at all happy about the “crazed Brexiteer” comment from Mrs.May, and I do so hope she is not taking us down the soft Brexit route. I am a Brexiteer, and so far I have given Mrs.May the benefit of the doubt, knowing she was a Remainer. That said, I doubt many Brexiteers, like me, trust her completely. And I would point out that we were all fully aware of what we were voting for in the referendum, including coming out of the Single Market. It is now up to her, and her Ministers, to honour our votes.

  2. Your comment has been edited by the Editor, abusive.

    • Mrs. May has built her reputation by riding two horses. She never came out for either Remain or Leave, has never fought for what she believes in, if anything. Sliding under the fence, a nickname like “the submarine”, these things don’t inspire confidence.

    • Can’t find either word. Try accuracy, maybe show some manners?

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