Support for PM May’s Brexit strategy, created by Boris Johnson, has soared

There has been a sharp rise in support for PM May’s Brexit strategy.. The strategy was  formulated by Boris Johnson  and chosen in preference to the strategy of Philip Hammond.borismay4Politico Brexit reported today that support for Boris’s Brexit strategy is now at 53%, up sharply from 38% last month in a poll of 2,000 people.  Another 47 % said they believed May would get the right deal for the U.K., whereas 29% said she would fail. In January, respondents were evenly split, with 35% agreeing and 35 % disagreeing that she would make a success of Brexit.

It was reported last week that the government intends to pass legislation allowing it to trigger Article 50 by March 9.  The strategy is a miracle of subtlety and sophistication that seems to have anticipated every hand grenade likely to be hurled by Remoaners.  Well done Boris, absolutely brilliant.

Update Feb. 8th.  Keir Starmer was forced to admit on radio 4 that he has come away with nothing in the Brexit negotiations in Parliament.  Remain will not get a final vote  right at the end  on the deal May gets, which he demanded purely so that Remain could vote NO and force us back into the EU.   Starmer has been outmanoeuvred by the brilliant strategy of Boris Johnson.

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