Fake hysteria in US blames “racist” Trump when the EU is far worse!

It can only be described as fake hysteria!  On twitter, many tweeters are screaming all sorts of abuse at their new “racist” Prez!  A closer examination of the facts proves that it is the EU members, whose leader, Merkel was adored by President Obama,  who are the real bigots.refugeecrisis5In Hungary, President Orban calls Muslims “a poison that Hungarians won’t swallow”.  He declares he will build a massive fence to keep out intruders  Far from being called a racist and a vile xenophobe, he is greeted rapturously by Germany’s Merkel, who considers him a valued colleague.

Peter Oborne says:  “The PM of neighbouring Slovakia, Robert Fico, said last year that Islam had ‘no place’ in his country. He speaks of the need to ‘monitor every Muslim’ and won’t let a single Muslim refugee enter his country.

Slovakia will take 200 Syrian refugees, but “they have to be Christian.”

With other chilling views — such as describing journalists as ‘dirty, anti-Slovak prostitutes’ — he almost makes Trump sound like an Islington Leftie. Oborne could not find a word of criticism from Merkel at Fico’s insulting racist views.

The Czech Republic also refuses to take Muslims, as does Cyprus. Austria is now erecting fences.  Poland will no longer take a single refugee, “because there is no mechanism that guarantees safety.”

Put President Trump’s executive order in context and a ninety day suspension  seems mild in the extreme.  George Soros and Tony Blair have both said they intend to ruin Brexit and undermine “populism”, ( but as Sir Bill Cash said, that is only another word for democratic rights.)  It seems that both are operating smear campaigns against Trump and others in the social media.

Whereas bigotry from EU leaders is tolerated,  Trump is demonised for fulfilling his campaign promises to protect the US from terrorism.   It is clear that a double standard is operating.

The smears and hate directed at President Trump are just fake hysteria, another offshoot of fake news.

As there is a tendency to sneer at Daily Mail,  Peter Oborne is one of the best journalists in the country, he has top credentials and is an Associate Editor of the Spectator.

UPDATE:  The Barnabas Charity has demanded an apology from the BBC for spouting fake news about Obama’s attitude to Christian Syrians.  The new Prez said that Christian Syrians  found it almost impossible to get asylum in the US, as Obama prevented this and the BBC said there was no evidence for this.

The President’s statement is evidence based, as proved by the Barnabas Charity, who help persecuted Christians.  The Charity has demanded an apology from the BBC.

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  1. For my status, please see top of this blog. Facts on the above blog all verifiable.

  2. Comments deleted by editor. Abusive.

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