It’s time for the problem of mass rape in Europe to be acknowledged and dealt with

After an hour long chat with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump has obtained the King’s agreement to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, a White House statement said.   “The president requested, and the King agreed, to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as supporting other ideas to help the many refugees who are displaced by the ongoing conflicts,” the statement said.rapebraceletThere was also agreement on co-operation to fight Daesh, and the President should be congratulated for his prompt action. 

Britain is well integrated and British Muslims have long been an asset to the community.  This is no dig at millions of decent Muslims throughout the world.  But the immigration policy of Angela Merkel, forcing millions of Muslims onto Europe, without any vetting,  has been a disaster and she has admitted that.

Supposing though, we set aside who is responsible and just concentrate on the crime, and how to deal with it.

1,000s of European women, men and children are being raped.  Merkel is also opening the door to jihadists.  The reaction of European leaders has been to ignore the problem  and do nothing, for fear of being called racist.

I find it appalling and callous that European leaders, aided by EU financed TV channels,  seem to be united in ignoring the problem of mass rape in Europe.  The problem is not racism, it is mass rape. Where are the feminists when you really need them?

This serious problem should be acknowledged,  and a solution found to end the fear and suffering of European women.  This should be seen for what it is, crime against women, not as seen by the ignorant,  a snub to the Muslim community. So what are we going to do to finally put an end to this?

8 responses to “It’s time for the problem of mass rape in Europe to be acknowledged and dealt with

  1. Can you give chapter and verse for your allegation of “mass rape” in Europe? If you cannot, then you’re from the Goebblog school of writing. Go figure and feedback the stats.

  2. Shame you have to be so rude Charles. Not necessary. You will obviously apologise when proved wrong?

  3. This is a myth as reported in Washington Post, independent etc. You are spreading fake news. Very disappointed. I wonder if Boris knows you are doing this in his name. Someone should tell him. Are you really a neo Nazi?

    • There is too much evidence to the contrary Jane. Look at my reply to Charis, and see all the links. Read the first one, it is from The Spectator. I have friends in Germany, who confirm the women there are living in fear. They say We have been betrayed by women! You are one of those women.

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