EU reeling from a series of hammer blows from POTUS

Rumour has it, according to the Express that an unnamed EU chief let the cat out of the bag.  We are in a terrible situation, he snivelled!  A combination of disastrous events means that financially, things aren’t looking too rosy for Merkel and her gang.trumpnewdawnA series of financial blows has stunned the hitherto arrogant, all powerful EU chiefs, used to bullying and humiliating members of the European Union. buoyed up by the unwavering support of President Obama, Merkel is used to calling the shots.  Now that support has been yanked away.

  1. The sorely needed tourism that Europe depends on is being scared away by the soaring crime rate and migrant attacks in Europe.  It is just too dangerous for tourists to visit Paris, Berlin, Madrid and the many other European cities that are normally so popular.
  2. TTIP, the trade deal arranged with Obama, has been cancelled by new President Trump, in spite of EU chiefs’ desperate pleas.
  3. POTUS is also putting tariffs of 35%  on Volkswagens, and other makes of German cars.
  4. President Trump is insisting that Germany, Italy and France pay their full share for NATO.
  5. Worst of all, the EU knows that the UK is determined to leave and they will have to survive without our £376 million a week.

Trump has aimed some swingeing swipes at Merkel.  Her open-door policy on Syrian refugees was a “catastrophic mistake”, a term he repeated three times.

Then another bone crusher.  “Look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany.” Finally, the knockout blow.  Trump predicts the European Union would fall apart and said breezily that the US wouldn’t really care if it did.

Welcome to the New Order.  And there are few who would not agree that the EU cheifs, through their arrogance and cruel treatment of their own people, have brought all these disasters on themselves.

3 responses to “EU reeling from a series of hammer blows from POTUS

  1. Still got problems with spelling? The Express as a source of knowledge? That’s like going into space with nothing more than a Ladybird Book. Oh, and Trump a fount of wisdom on Europe? That’s like going into space with a loo roll for a rocket. Sad.

    • The EU is a vile and irresponsible body that allows its people to be raped and assaulted. Utter utter cruelty, they are also corrupt.

  2. No trouble at all with spelling? There are a variety of sources used, including the New York Times. The point I am making about the disastrous drop in European tourism is made time and time again, on the internet, suggest you check.

    I feel your problem is you are a Remoaner and simply cannot stand that the EU is no longer in the position of power it once was. Obama is gone. Trump is quite rightly cracking down on the bullying, corrupt, irresponsible EU. EU chefs were planning to hurt and humuliate Britain. Now they find the boot is on the other foot. What goes around…….

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