Boris Johnson agrees US is paying too much of NATO bill

Boris Johnson is absolutely right.  It is unfair that the US is shouldering such a large part of the NATO bill.  The Germans are always bragging they are doing better than us.  So how come we pay our share and they don’t?natospendingThe countries marked in red don’t pay their allocated share of Defence, which is 2% of their GDP.   If they can’t afford it, they are supposed to work towards achieving the requisite amount, but this doesn’t happen.   Clearly the new US Prez, no fan of the EU chiefs, has lost patience.

In view of the arrogant attitude of some EU chiefs, particularly the Germans and the French, it’s ironic that these are the very countries who expect the Americans to bail them out.  Cough up boys, time to get serious!

2 responses to “Boris Johnson agrees US is paying too much of NATO bill

  1. The Germans love to call the shots, but expects the US to pay their bills? Obama has gone, it’s time to wake up and time to face reality!

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