If you fight with monsters, you become a monster. Why Boris ignores the lies

As the charismatic leader of Brexit, Boris Johnson became the target of some of the most vicious smear campaigns in history.  Alastair Campbell announced that the strategy was to take him out,  so they went for it.  The best,  I mean the lowest,  political jackals were raked in to destroy Boris in print.  After every hatchet job,  he was declared to be “finished”.  borisintelligentA leading member of Cameron’s government proudly announced to Dan Hodges, after Boris had given him the strategy to revive the UK economy, that he was going to “Knife Boris.  Then he would be smashed to smithereens.”Shortly before the Brexit result, Piers Morgan was told at a party by “a leading Tory” (possibly even the same one)  that “Boris was going to be f….. like he had never been f……. before.”  In other words destroyed.

Meanwhile, an unrelenting torrent of mud and filth was being spewed out by the trolls that serve Satan on twitter all over the luckless head of the blonde one. A campaign would stop for a few days and then another would start again.  borislion2And what was the reaction of the object of all this vituperative vitriol?  Nothing. Not a w0rd.  His only reaction is always a lordly dignity.

On Who Do You Think You Are, it turned out that Boris is descended from all the crowned heads of Europe.  It is never more apparent that he has royal blood than when he is the target of a smear campaign.

Today another politician blamed  Boris for his own downfall.   He had been “betrayed” by Boris.  All his mistakes.   Not his fault.  Boris’s fault.

Although it must take superhuman strength, Boris obviously has the right idea.  This must be how how he preserves his tolerance, his humour and his good nature.  Rise above it, ignore it all and your inner nature will survive intact.

Because when you fight with monsters,  you become a monster. And when you gaze into the abyss.  The abyss stares back at you.  Nietzsche

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