President Trump shows he means business

In a passionate speech, that left the world in no doubt of his intentions, America’s new President Trump told his people he would fight for change and fight for their rights with every breath in his body.  He intends to strip power from Washington and give the people their rights back.trumpbustWhen campaigning for President,  the President visited one of the poorest areas in America,  West Virginia and he galvanised these people with hope.  The President was the first politician to visit West Virginia for 8 years.

The new President was strong in his insistence he would put America first, and the health, wealth and happiness of Americans was his primary concern.  There was also emphasis on keeping Americans safe.

A Republican Governor spoke to British news channels after the speech to emphasise the President did not mean he would make America isolationist.  He also said he would never abandon his friends.   This knocked negative jeers on twitter than we could forget about a trade deal firmly on the head.

Our PM, Theresa May, has to get her glad rags together – lucky she has been buying lovely clothes  – to meet the President next week.

Do the vile criminals who chanted Not My President who rioted trashing private  property realise they are spitting in the face of the Pilgrim Fathers? There was a  reason why the Pilgrim Fathers insisted that the Presidency be won by the number of states.  Some states are very large.  If the vote was decided numerically, America would continually be ruled by a few large states.  If the winner were decided by the number of states, democracy would be done.

President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 30 states to 20.  He is unquestionably the winner.

The music at the ceremony was beautiful and particularly suitable for the occasion.  How moving it was to hear outstanding proper singing, instead of watching the gyrations of some celeb lip syncing.

When Boris Johnson became Mayor, he insisted Osborne/Cameron did not  cancel Crossrail by threatening to resign.  He also persuaded George Osborne to embark on a programme of infrastructure, in a recession.  The result was the economy took off.

Ex Prez Obama never thought to mend US infrastructure in eight long years!  for all his education, it never crossed his mind.  The new President Trump made this a priority on the first day! This is a President who means business, whose heart is firmly in the right place and  who knows exactly what he is doing.

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