Nobel Prize winner, an ex advisor to Bill Clinton, clobbers Juncker

A Nobel prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz who was a former adviser to Bill Clinton, launched a cannon blast at Jean-Claude Juncker for his handling of Britain and Brexit.  Juncker has sneered at Britain and accused us of blaming all our problems on the EU.junckershirtySpeaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr. Stiglitz said the threats of “punishment” for  Britain’s leaving were sending out a terrible message.    “Juncker didn’t say: “We haven’t done a good job in explaining the advantages of the EU” explained the economist.  This is in line with views of Boris Johnson and his mild reproof about being like an old war movie. 

The message should have been that the EU was something that people voluntarily wanted to be in. ”   Like that would ever happen!   EU chiefs are  simply too arrogant and stupid to see the EU in that light.  For years, they have never been countermanded, and they see their members as hapless slaves they can do anything they like to.

Selling the advantages of the EU would never occur to them, and of course as things go from bad to worse, there are precious few advantages to sell these days. No prosperity.  No safe haven.  Immigration and crime totally out of control. Corrupt EU chiefs interfering, continually on our case, and the looming problem of a £91 billion black hole when we leave they haven’t a hope in hell of dealing with.

Because these days it isn’t a question of how many countries want to join, it’s more a question  of how many want to escape.

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