Body blow for Hammond as PM picks Bojo strategy for EU

For six months the battle has raged between the Boris Johnson strategy in dealing with the EU and Philip Hammond’s softer Remainian approach.  Boris’s brilliant plan has covered every ambiguity and has a fall back position, should things not go as planned.  So well calculated  is the strategy though, that it is impossible to find a flaw.boriseusummit2Superbrain Boris has covered all eventualities and Brexiteers were ecstatic at the positive and gracious tone of the speech, that cloaked an iron structure.  The Sun reported:  “His allies hailed key decisions to leave the single market, pull out of two thirds of the customs union and end “vast” EU budget payments as the arguments Boris has been making since the EU referendum campaign. A source close to Boris said: “A tonne of Boris’s language was in the PM’s speech.

“This is his victory over the Treasury on the major policies.”

A article in the Spectator compared May’s atttitude to Europe unfavourably to Boris’s.  Boris, he said, would be love bombing Europe, reassuring them what a reliable and supportive neighbour Britain would be. May had gone the other way. He also criticised May’s tough stance on British nationals.

Disastrously, the Chancellor still seems hung up on the single market.  Boris’s plan to leave the EU altogether first and then concentrate on rebuilding a totally new relationship with the EU was hailed as a masterstroke.

Vast swathes of the actual speech have Boris’s fingerprints all over them. Mrs. May was rapturously and rightly praised for her courage and clarity.  She has held out an iron hand to the EU clothed in the silkiest soft velvet of gloves.

What looked like a really tough sell a few weeks ago has completely turned around.  Yes, we lucked out when Remainer Hillary lost the election, but the PM’s foresight in adopting the bucaneering approach of our Foreign Secretary has given us a huge advantage.  A quivering EU Chief admitted:  “We are in a terrible position!”

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