Outstanding generous speech by May sets the standard for EU negotiations

After today’s Brexit speech from Theresa May, some Remoaners were complaining.  I had just explained that there is a big difference between a referendum and a general election.  In the EU Ref., Leave and Remain were not competing to form a government.  The only purpose of any referendum is to get a straight answer to a straight question,  in this case, Should we leave the EU?may2Leave and Remain cannot therefore make financial pledges.  They can only make suggestions.  The battlebus ad. was about taking control and the figure quoted on the bus was given as the sum we pay the EU every week.  Let’s give £350M to the NHS was one suggestion how to spend the money.

Marianne is wrong to say that PM May has a “blank cheque ” to interpret Brexit however she likes.  What she did was closely follow the core meaning of the Leave campaign.  The core slogan of the campaign was Taking Back Control. boristakecontrolControl of all of the above will be returned to the British people, said Mrs. May today.

Considering how vile the EU chiefs have been both to PM May and Boris Johnson  – snubbing her and ignoring her when she attended a summit recently, excluding her from events and loudly trashing and being rude about Boris, even lying about him,  both the PM and Boris have reacted  with the utmost dignity and good humour.

The kindness of the British attitude was in marked contrast to the threatening, mean spirited approach of the EU chiefs.  But immediately after the Berlin terror event, Mrs. May contacted Mrs. Merkel, sending sympathy and the kindest possible offer of help.

The tone of the PM’s speech today was exceptionally generous and co-operative. She stressed our desire to remain part of Europe and said every European country can rely on us as a good neighbour, who will be there for them.

The generous spirit shown by PM May and her refusal to retaliate to threats that the EU intends to punish us has set a brilliant standard for forthcoming negotiations.  The PM’s speech delighted the Brexiteers, but just as importantly pleased many Remainers.  This was a  brilliant start to negotiations.

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