On the back foot, the EU admits they are in terrible position

An Italian eurocrat ordered Boris Johnson that under no circumstances must we negotiate with the US regarding a deal until we have left.  Still trying to  rule the roost!  Who, in their right mind, ever made the absolutely terrible decision that we get involved with these bullying shysters in the first place? boriseuchiefUS President-elect Mr Trump’s remarks in a bombshell interview that he did not care if the entire EU collapsed and that he will prioritise relations with Britain over those with Brussels has really put the wind up EU chiefs.  The balance of power has shifted with a vengeance. The new Prez has cancelled TTIP.  He has also put tariffs on Volkwagens and says if the EU form an EU army, he will pull out of NATO.

Meanminded Eurocrats are known to be desperately scared that the UK will succeed, and we will escape the punishment they had waiting for us.   They want to see us desperate and grovelling for crumbs at the feet of the mighty EU!  Not flourishing outside the bloc striking a number of high profile trade deals, which would only contribute to further erode support for the EU within other member states.

The way we would have been treated if Hillary had won the election is too bad to think of!   A gloating Obama would have put the boot in!  EU chiefs would be sneering like Klaus Barbie, as they threw every possible difficulty in our path,  grinding out a pathetic deal, taking forever.  Vast quotas of all the worst criminal migrants would have been dumped on us in droves.  Poor Mrs. May being snubbed and ignored – that is just a faint taste of the horrible pain they were cooking up.

Now the boot is on the other foot and it is Trump dishing out a verbal kicking.  It’s like The Revenant where Leonardo di Caprio is left for dead, but returns to destroy his attempted killer.  I suggest that Boris starts winding them up and tying them up in knots like they tried to do to us!  Let David Davis dish out the rough stuff. “We are in a very bad position,” said a quivering EU bigwig.

The truth is, the EU has insulted us, bullied us and lied about us!  They have been really nasty!

Cooee boys!  It’s payback time!

3 responses to “On the back foot, the EU admits they are in terrible position

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  2. Well written. Thanks

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