Now the Russians accuse superbrain Boris of starting a Cold War

The Russians accused genial Boris Johnson today of starting a Cold War!  Rather a hysterical overreaction to Boris’s successful New York visit.  Straight talking Boris is a uniter, not a divider, but he was appalled at the Russians’ treatment of children in Aleppo and their support of Assad, a ruler who uses nerve gas on his own people. He would not have shirked  passing on his views.putinmoscowThe penchant of the Russians for mental chess games has also not escaped our astute Foreign Secretary.   Clearly they are concerned he is onto their manoeuvres, can play better than they can and has warned the President Elect all about them. The Sun reported:  The Foreign Secretary, who visited Mr Trump’s transition team earlier this week, had previously said Russia was “up to all sorts of very dirty tricks” such as cyber warfare.The Russian Embassy tweeted: “Thatcher went to US to mend relations between Washington & Moscow & end Cold War, Boris Johnson pursued the opposite objective.”boristrump7How the Russians knew what was said is a mystery.  Does their spy equipment reach New York from Moscow,  are they psychic or do they have a mole at Trump Towers?

The gathering of “kompromat” (compromising information) is an automatic Russian occupation.  It helps if the President is unaware of what they are up to.

PM May will now be preparing for her visit to meet the President Elect, who has just adroitly extricated himself from a fake news scandal. This afternoon Downing Street slapped down the Russian Embassy e-mails, pointing out our record on human rights,  our record on free speech, our successful economy and Russian actions in Syria.

Boris Johnson would never start a Cold War, believing that to make progress, it is always better to maintain communications, but the Russians can be sure of one thing.  What Boris said to the Americans will not be any more and certainly not any less than the plain truth.

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