How desperate Dave flogged off Boris’s Trade Union Bill to save the EU

Boris has battled with the unions since 2010.  He has pressed for trade union reform from that date.  In September 2015, Boris persuaded the government to  back a Trade Union Bill,  that would ban workers in key public sectors from striking unless industrial action was supported by 40% of union members. camerontradeunionThe move meant that any worker who abstains in a strike vote or forgets to return their ballot paper will effectively be deemed to be opposing the move. The details of the Bill are here.  Boris said in September 2015:

“I’m very grateful that the Government is at last moving on this as this is something we’ve been lobbying for in TfL for many years now.  “The [current] ballot thresholds are too low, they’re absurd!strikes2“You’re having teeny numbers of people voting for paralysing strikes so you’ve got to do something.”

However by April, 2016, Cameron was panicking over the EU Referendum.

The Prime Minister was reportedly being forced to bow and scrape at the feet of left-wing union fat cats in return for their backing for the Brussels project. In a sensational climbdown the PM agreed to scrap swathes of the flagship Trade Union bill – apparently after bosses pledged to drum up support for the EU amongst their memberships.

Panicking Cameron’s humiliating kow-towing to union fat cats who have held Britain to ransom with rolling strikes proved there are no lows he will not stoop to in his bid to keep Britain in the Brussels club.  It was a wasted sacrifice, and London is forced to lose millions, as underhand Labour and new Mayor Sadiq Khan continue to use strikes to derail the government.

One response to “How desperate Dave flogged off Boris’s Trade Union Bill to save the EU

  1. Yes the UK has been leaderless since Thatcher was forced out of office.

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