If the US and the UK form an unbreakable bond, we can achieve change for good

The reception for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson could not have been warmer and more friendly when he visited first with Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner in Trump Towers and then with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker.borissenatorOutgoing President Obama bullied, insulted and threatened the British people on a visit here during the EU Referendum, when Cameron had told him to strong arm us into voting Remain.  Obama unpleasantly threatened we would be at the “back of the queue” for a deal if we dared voted to Leave. Independent Brits erupted in outrage.

Mr. Corker said Mr. Johnson knows “full well” that “there is no way the United Kingdom is going to take a back seat”.  He said:  “They will take a front seat and I think it will be our priority to make sure that we deal with them on a trade agreement initially but in all respects in a way that demonstrates the long-term friendship that we’ve had for so long,” he said.

There are huge opportunities ahead, if only we do not let the forces of negativism and jealousy spoil them.  We must conquer the gloomadons who are trying their hardest to derail enterprise and hold back the visionaries and heroes.  All our tv channels have sold out to the EU, sacrificing truth for the millions they get in EU kickbacks.  But somehow we find other sources of accurate news.

The powers of good protected Brexit, so we won!  Those powers, however his enemies try to deride him, gave us the President Elect.  If we form an unbreakable bond, ignore the liars, we can do it.

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