Why overprotected Cameron turned out to be toast!

The Tory MP Jake Berry had an amusing anecdote to tell about David Cameron when he appeared on Radio5 Live, with Jon Pienaar. camerontoastAt a Tory away day, Jake made the awful error of eating Cameron’s toast.  Informed that there was plenty more, Cameron pouted “But mine always has the crusts cut off!”   This is probably definitive proof that Cameron is not the best choice to head NATO.

Maybe like Prince Charles, he has a footman to put the toothpaste on his toothbrush and mummy ties his shoe laces.

Jake is also pals with Boris Johnson and he told the story how he tried to teach Boris to waterski. It was a dismal failure, as Boris immediately sank below the surface, but Jake says he showed tremendous fortitude being towed at speed as he was submerged underwater, blonde hair flowing behind him.

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