Michelle Obama should speak out against the mass migrant rapes in Europe

Michelle Obama says that the measure of a society is judged by the way it treats its women and young girls.  How then can she endorse the policy of free movement in the EU, that is causing so much suffering and terror threats to women, without a murmur?michellemerkelLast yearm, 2016, was scarred in Germany by 142,500 migrant crimes, including mass migrant rapes and 1,000s of sex assaults.  Angela Merkel’s policy of free movement has opened a terrifying Pandora’s box. 

Sweden is now called the rape capital of the world, in Belgium  women are flocking to get gun licences to protect themselves.  Women in France, Holland, Italy, particularly Milan and Florence have also greatly suffered.obamamerkelWith her emphasis on the advancement and the protection of women, how then can Michelle support Merkel and support the EU without a word of protest?  How can she support the censoring of these crimes, and pretend that the suffering of women throughout the EU does not exist?  Prez Obama has the same attitude.  He boasts about US democracy, US Law and so on, but as to the freedoms, rights and democracies of ordinary people in the rest of the world, giving up those things to a foreign power is fine for the likes of us.

When Boris Johnson pointed out that Obama would never dream of accepting the restrictions imposed by the EU in the US,  Obama was furious.

It seems that in the world of the Obamas, all people are equal.  But some are more equal than others.

One response to “Michelle Obama should speak out against the mass migrant rapes in Europe

  1. I cannot understand any woman who is not absolutely furious at what is going on in Europe right now. News is censored, but Michelle Obama must know and she is supoosed to be a leader.

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