The majority are not happy with how the PM is handling Brexit

The latest YouGov poll has disappointing news for Mrs. May.  Nearly 60% are unhappy with how she is handling Brexit.  The discontent is rising rising.  53% has risen to 57%. Only 20% believe Brexit is being handled well.maysmirkThe Sun reports:The numbers expecting the UK to be worse-off financially as a result of Brexit declined from 41% to 37% over the past month, against 29% who expect it to be better-off. And the proportion who said Brexit would be bad for jobs fell from 36% to 32%, compared to 28% who said it would be good for employment.

The number who said leaving the EU would reduce immigration remained solid at 49%, against just 3% who said it would increase and 34% stay unchanged.

All in all, optimism re. Brexit seems to be rising.  In The Spectator, Fraser Nelson seems to be saying that May is trying too hard to win the trust of Leavers.  He says:  ^Had Michael Gove or Boris Johnson won the Tory party leadership, they’d have done far more to reassure Remain voters that Brexit was not a nativist coup.

They’d have spent weeks on a love-bombing mission to Europe, offered new scholarships to British universities and new, generous forms of defence and economic cooperation. Daniel Hannan, a leader Leaver, told the European Parliament (in French) that the referendum was a vote against the EU’s bureaucracy, not against Europe.

The Leave campaign offered a liberal and globally-minded version of Brexit, one they would have fought hard to project and protect.”

Fraser continues:  “Instead, it was Mrs May who took the crown and she jumped the other way, sounding meaner than the most flinty-hearted Brexiteer.  Even Ukip was appalled to see her use the 3 million EU nationals living in Britain as bargaining chips, but at least, now, there is no Brexiteer who doubts her intentions.”

It’s easy to talk about a time for uniting but you have to actually do it.

2 responses to “The majority are not happy with how the PM is handling Brexit

  1. I am not impressed with Maybe May. Her inability to lead is showing. She is frustrated at having to make a decision! She managed to avoid any decisions for six years at the Home Office. Turned a blind eye to the abuse of children and has allowed an outside philosophy to dictate the agenda. Failed to deport criminals. I am desperately looking for an achievement.

  2. People are fed up with a lot that can’t get on with the job get out now them unable to do job resign now clear off

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