Sir Tim Barrow, the Kremlinologist who stood up to Putin, replaces Sir Snitch

Sir Tim Barrow, replacement for Sir Ivan Rogers,  is known as a fixer, who gets the job done.  He has worked with Boris Johnson on a daily basis, who described him as  brilliant, and they get on great. A Whitehall source says Sir Tim knows everyone and is an amazing diplomat. timbarrowHe has solid achievements to his credit.  While in Brussels, he defeated repeated attempts to create a European army.   He has proved his mettle by standing up for British businesses in Russia and held tough conversations on Ukraine and Syria.

David Davis said “His knowledge of Brussels means he will be able to hit the ground running at a crucial time. ” Ex-minister Dominic Raab said “Sir Tim is a career Kremlinologist, which will serve him well going into bat with the EU.”

ivanrogersThe tone o’f the resignation letter of Sir Ivan Davis shocked some senior Whitehall Mandarins, who accused him of “harming the Civil Service in a political attack.” Rumour has it that arrangements had been made months ago to replace him with Sir Tim.  When Sir Ivan found out, he flounced off in a hissy fit.   Nick Clegg and Peter Mandelson squawked like scalded cats, fuelling gossip that he intended to leak in their direction.

As the ex-Blair henchman who corrupted the Civil Service lectures Mrs. May on ethics, journo Peter Oborne found his jaw hitting the floor.  Must read!

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  1. Mettle not metal. Yours a despiser of bus promises and illiterate bloggers

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